Our Primary Mission

GlobalMusic4 Life is a commitment to bring physical and mental health education to everyone in need, through their predominate choice of music, games, apps, cartoons and books.

Mission GM4L Kids

In today’s world, the mainstream genres are R&B, Hip Hop and Rap. Our commitment is to reach out to in a creative and palatable way through the meshing of music and medicine. While programs such as “Let’s Move!” or The Presidential Youth Fitness Program focus wonderfully on exercise and nutritional education, GM4L can be incorporated to complement this process using high quality music coupled with educational lyrics, healthy food identification and attention to mental health throughout the nationwide educational systems and adult population alike.

We continue to reach out to school systems and benefactors throughout the nation to get GlobalMusic4 Life into the mainstream of America, where we can educate and train everyone to value their body and heart.

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