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The GlobalMusic4 Life project is a massive campaign to educate and save lives. It will need the support of celebrities, corporations and private philanthropy to accomplish our mission.

ANYONE can help, including YOU.

GlobalMusic4 Life - Dr. Kiki Hurt

Dr. Kiki Hurt, M.D., Chairman and President of GlobalMusic4 Life, has spent her entire adult life in the quest to educate and inform the public about the devastating effects of controllable diseases, such as Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Attacks. She has made it her mission to get this message to anyone who is at extreme risk, given today’s lifestyles.

Dr. Kiki Hurt discovered she can do this with music and other forms of visual entertainment – if you strike the right note – Health messages within the lyrics of great contemporary songs in a variety of modern genres. Games Apps with fun, but informative goals. Cartoons on YouTube. Social Media as it’s used by the hip Generation Z. The program has grown out of a more than two-decade career Dr. Hurt has spent studying the management of acutely dying patients as a Board Certified internist, anesthesiologist and a critical care physician.

GlobalMusic4 Life is a non-profit foundation that embodies a comprehensive wellness program providing medical expertise and knowledge to help people lead healthier and happier lives.

But, it doesn’t stand alone…..

By working together, we can overcome diseases that are far too common
in America like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Things you should know and we support.

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National Cancer Institute
Web MD
Cancer Medline Plus
Body Building.com


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