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Dr. Hurt and President Obama

It has been a busy year already for the GlobalMusic4 Life project. Dr. Hurt along with Dr. C. Freeman and Melissa Mitchell have been busy producing campaigns to educate and save lives.

Besides her busy medical profession, Dr. Hurt has put timeless energy into producing a variety of media and getting the word out about Global Music4 Life.

Physical Activity Needed
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Sabal Palm Elementary School • Tallahassee, FL
Kindergarten • Highest Poverty
These students are wonderful children. The majority of them come from very low income homes with a variety of different family structures and have experienced very little. Many of them do not have stability at home and thrive on the structure that is put in place at school. They have goals and dreams. Every day they are beating the odds to achieve them. Two years ago, their school was sitting at a D rating by the state of Florida. The students hard work and determination, combined with new administration setting high standards and the teachers reminding them they could do it brought the schools rating up. Although these students are just in Kindergarten, they are learning that they can do anything they want to do.
Who Can Apply to Volunteer?
Adults, Students, Schools, Youth Groups, and Churches can all volunteer!

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Save Your Own Life   Mother and Baby


At GlobalMusic4 Life we love media. Well, we love media with a positive and forward thinking message.  Add health information and we are giddy with excitement! I am pleased to share this with you. We have two books that were self-published by our founder, Kiki L. Hurt M.D. , and we feel they are must haves in the home. While we work to get them in every library in the United States, we wanted to let you know they are available on Amazon and at!

They are number two and three in Dr. Hurt’s “Mini Medical School” series. “Save Your Own Life: How The Body Works and When to Seek Medical Attention” tells about human anatomy, what to know before, during, and after going to visit a physician, what information you should keep … Read More »

Save Your Own Life

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Save Your Own Life
(Mini Medical School Mini Book Book 2) Kindle Edition
by Kiki L. Hurt M.D (Author)

This book is designed to assist each individual in learning basic concepts about their body. The human anatomy and inner workings are actually quite simple. Anyone who is interested in staying alive should have this basic information. Physicians have the training but still require assistance from the patient to help maintain a life. If you understand the pain moving to your jaw and causing sweating may represent a heart attack; you will be more likely to seek help now versus later. That simple peace of knowledge can keep you and your love ones alive.

The book also contains charts for you to keep your medical information and be able to easily provide that information to your physicians, nurses and hospitals. One … Read More »

Mother & Baby: The Circle of Life

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Mother & Baby: The Circle of Life
(Mini Medical School Mini Book Book 3) Kindle Edition
by Kiki L. Hurt M.D (Author), Lorna Johnson MSN CNM (Author)

It is critical to give teenagers access to quality reproductive health care. America’s teen pregnancy rate has been declining steadily, but it is still higher than the rates in Canada or Britain (approximately 275,000 a year) Eighty-seven percent of those teenage births occur among unmarried girls. Not only is this a problem in the United States, but it is an even bigger problem in many developing countries. There are currently more than 222 million girls and women who want to delay or avoid pregnancy, but lack of access to quality family planning. And this has devastating implications, particularly for teens.

Pregnancy is a leading cause of death for adolescent girls in developing countries. … Read More »

Tiny Dancers Learn Big Lessons

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Tiny dancers learn big lessons

by Suzanne Popadin | March 3, 2016 New York Teacher issue.

“I feel like I’m making dancers,’’ dance teacher Rashamella Cumbo says of her 4th-graders, most of whom she has taught since kindergarten, at PS 191 near Lincoln Center. But by all accounts, she’s doing much more. “It’s the way I express my emotions,” says 10-year-old Taylor, whose smile lit up the stage one recent morning during a session of the class’s Ailey Arts in Education residency. Gliding gracefully across the stage to the beat of a West African djembe drum, the students appear to be learning dance alone. But Cumbo calls for a quarter turn and then another. They have moved 180 degrees. Two more quarter turns and they are at 360. A lesson in geometry.
They bend and stretch one vertebra at a time. “Seven in … Read More »

High Yield Investments

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Dr. Hurt Tells Her Own Story

This is as honest as it gets as Dr. Kiki Hurt puts herself right on the line. Investing is a good way to insure the future of all you have worked for. But you must make the right investment or all is for nothing. A bad broker, a bad tip and your loses can be tremendous. Nothing in life is a sure thing. But, the one place where you can make the biggest gains is by investing in you. If you don’t invest in your mind, body and soul; all else is off centered…. You must be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually to be at you best. You can think clearer and make better decisions. But, if your body isn’t healthy; you can’t call the broker. You won’t be able to run your hedge fund … Read More »

Physician, Producer & Media Mogul

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Physician, Producer & Media Mogul

Dr. Kiki Hurt puts Art into Medicine, and Medicine into Art… Long have I been intrigued by the intersection of the pop and the practical – meaning: how and where do popular culture and, you know, useful stuff, connect, affect each other, and …(more…)

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