HEALTHCARE CURRICULUM – The Informed Patient – A Positive Attitude

Watch the video and take the short quiz. It’s fun!
When you think you have all the answers, click Finish Quiz. ANYONE can do it, including YOU.

Watch the video and take the quiz…..
……If at first you don’t get all the questions right… try again…..
…After you’ve got all the answers, click FINISH QUIZ and check your results!

The Informed Patient - A Positive Attitude

There are 5 questions in this quiz.
You must work until you get all 5 correct, before you pass the quiz.
It’s not hard… It just makes sense and hopefully makes you healthier by knowing the answers!

Don’t forget to submit for Graduation credit.
Push the button to send your results at the end!

Leaderboard: The Informed Patient - A Positive Attitude

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