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The following is our current catalog of Educational Tools, which incorporates an On-line School System, Music, Games and Cartoons all designed to teach about a variety of diseases prevalent in today’s society.

GM4L Teachables

A Full Healthcare Curriculum School

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GM4L has a large and select library of media available for immediate distribution and implementation, consisting of Literature, Music, APPs and Games, Television shows, Video Cartoons, Cartoon Characters with Logos, and Dance Events, all cross-supported by Blogging and Social Media outlets.

Educational Tools

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The Kidneys
Organs are our friends III: Kidneys


I once stated how if my family needed it, I would donate one of my kidneys to them. “Sike!”,...

Organs are our friends: The Pancreas


Number two in our series of organs is the pancreas. It is a squiggly little organ that sits behind the stomach. It is about...

A Peek Inside Series: The Human Liver
Organs are our friends….


Hello, friends. Today I was trying to think of something to blog about in the health realm. There is so much...