Melissa Mitchell

Director of Regional Relations

Executive Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur, technology lover, writer and founder of several online based businesses. She founded MGMEGroup Inc., which at its height involved more than 600 IT consultants and 3000 Small and Medium sized business cooperative members. She takes her work seriously, but is a joy to work with, as she always projects a positive approach. Her drive to share health education through music and commitment to preventative care makes her extremely qualified to take the reins of GlobalMusic4 Life’s non-profit regional relations division and push us all forward to successfully achieving our mission. Her primary goal is to make GM4L nationally recognized as a go-to organization for health education. Her secondary goal is to help GlobalMusic4 life become truly global and reach throughout the world, giving anyone and everyone the information they need with the use of technology to grow healthier and knowledgeable about their bodies.


Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Melissa Mitchell was no stranger to hard work. As a High School student no questioned her age or her work ethic. She worked for McDonald’s for two years saving up enough money to again help her family and to buy a small amount of shares in McDonald’s stock. At the age of 16, she cashed in on her stock and went off to college, where she graduated from Rust College with honors in 1993. After having worked full time as a call center manager, she chose to leave the organization to pursue medicine. She combined her love of medicine and technology, with her passion of writing. At GM4L Ms. Mitchell is excited that she gets to promote healthcare to those who need it. Melissa currently resides in the Chicago Area.

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